31. 10. 2012
Lace erotic app

A bookworm builds an erotic literature app

Two academics are out of the library and into the App store with a plan to bring erotic literature to ladies' iPhones. We like!

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29. 10. 2012
Hannah West Scale Angel

What type of entrepreneur should I be?

So many ideas so little time! What to be?! What to be?! Here's how Hannah settled on her new business

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15. 10. 2012

Creativity gone bad

How do you stay creative when you start getting paid to be creative?

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18. 09. 2012
becka robinson

How to escape the comparison trap…

The internet makes comparisons so EFFING easy. Just a click here and boom! you find 10 websites that make you feel like you suck...

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12. 09. 2012
Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 12.52.59 PM

Pitching my business: Nervousness or excitement?

I'm pitching my business idea, Photo Pitch, on Friday in front of hundreds of people. Feels like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11. 09. 2012

Lose your creative fire in 5 easy steps…

We Unite is happy to share the awesome Becka Robinson's Coffee Cup Chats for the creative self-employed

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07. 09. 2012
the magic triangle

The Magic Triangle: A balancing act in entrepreneurism

Opportunity, talent, and money -- you need all three for a balanced startup, but can you ever have 'em all at once?

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04. 09. 2012
Screen shot 2012-09-04 at 2.53.18 PM

You all have talents, and you never know where they might lead you

Explore what you're good at - it might turn into a business

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19. 07. 2012
business partner

Let go of your worries and find a business partner

Being a solo entrepreneur lets you control everything, but often overwhelms you. Our new bloggers offer some advice about pairing up...

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18. 07. 2012
selling is almost everything

Selling is (almost) everything

You've got to face the music somehow. Camilla offers 3 pieces of practical advice for selling

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17. 07. 2012

Why female entrepreneurs don’t need separate awards

If you want to recognize achievement, please consider what a separate category really says...

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02. 07. 2012
alexandra bode

Employ your talents – not your CV

What someone else certified you to be able to do is only a TINY fraction of your whole potential - and might even deter you from finding out the possibilities slumbering within yourself.

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