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Ann Randrup My Best Treat

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MyBestTreat is a community for health – body and mind. It is a place where we can share our best experiences and help each other find help and healing. The site was launched in the beginning of 2011 and it is created by a Danish woman called Ann…

Why did you launch MyBestTreat?

I started because I have a vision to create a circle of support around everybody. A place where we can all find help and share our best experiences.

In my life I have tried how much it means to find the right person to help with the difficulties I have faced. When I was 3 month pregnant with my daughter I got an instable pelvis and it hurt so much that I could not walk. The doctor said that I should just lay down and try not to take too many painkillers – but for me to lay down for 6 months just sounded like a nightmare so I asked everybody I knew if they knew what to do. It took me a month to find the right practitioner and after only one session I was pain free and I could jump and dance for the rest of the pregnancy. And I just wanted everybody to know that an instable pelvis can be treated and to share my story with other people who are in the same situation. If you are in pain physically or emotionally it can really hold you back and to find the person who can help you feel better can feel like getting you life back. I wish for everybody to feel free from pain or fear and be able to live the life you dream of.


So is a place were you can find and recommend the people that has really helped you. By sharing your good experiences you will not only help the practitioner you endorse you will also help all the people who search online for help.

You can recommend everybody who has been valuable to you: a good yoga teacher, a great coach, a wise spiritual teacher, your favorite spa, a good massage or a fantastic healer.


Ann Randrup

What’s the best piece of entrepreneurship advice you’ve ever received?

Well it has been quite a journey to create this online platform. But the best piece of entrepreneurship advice I have got is to follow your passion and create something that important to you and that you feel is important to give the world. If you work with something that is close to your hart other people can feel that it is honest and there is a good chance you will find others who share your passion and will support you. I wish I knew more about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) when I started and more about blogging and online communities. But I have been blessed with valuable help and assistance from great people.

Ann Randrup

What aspirations do you have for MyBestTreat?

It is my dream to create an world wide community where you can find help and healing in all areas of the world. So everybody who is seeking will be able to find their way. I also have a dream to be able to gather so many peoples experiences that the website will document the results of the more alternative treatments and make the world of alternative medicine less of a jungle. There are so many gifted practitioners out there who can actually treat migraine or back pain or baby colic or sports injuries without operation. And if we all share our great experiences we will be able to help each other heal and grow.


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