Let’s not talk about work, let’s talk about you

On March 28, 2012 by Alexandra

alexandra bodeNetworking is undoubtedly one of the big topics for entrepreneurial spirits, or anybody else who wants to progress in their career.

Talking about your work, being good at talking about it and selling yourself to other people seems to be one of the most important things – however, it doesn’t need to be.

alexandra bode

I believe that focusing too much on the skills you acquire during your work makes you constantly ponder about what you could be better at – instead of thinking about your inherent skills and what you can build from there.

That’s where not talking about your work, especially with people who have no clue about what you are doing professionally, just don’t talk about work. In fact, avoiding the topic may come in handy: When your or their work doesn’t matter in your conversation, it’s much easier to spot the true core or skills of what’s lying behind this great, awesome, hard-working, constantly motivated, ├╝bercool fa├žade.

Maybe you’ll see someone who is even more awesome than what they are trying to sell to you, in their own unique non-CV-optimised way.


Talk to people, not to their job. You will find out a lot more about them, and yourself.



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One Response to “Let’s not talk about work, let’s talk about you”

  • Camilla

    I think you’re so right. Sometimes you just need to be defined by other things that what you do for a living.

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