Let go of your worries and find a business partner

On July 19, 2012 by The Green Suitcase

Our new bloggers, Lauren and Rebecca, of Copenhagen’s The Green Suitcase, explain the process of pairing up in business

Being an entrepreneur can be SO lonely. It’s fantastic in a thousand ways, but it’s alot of pressure for one person to handle.

Many entrepreneurs, like me, get to a point where it’s impossible to grow the business alone, but you aren’t far enough along to employ someone. I spent the last six months trying to get tabs on the everyday and didn’t have time to think big and grow my company, The Green Suitcase.

So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to bring Rebecca on as a business partner after two-and-a-half years of solo work.

But then after I jumped there were all kinds of fears! Thoughts of losing control of my business, losing all my money, losing the POWER!!!

I felt better once I realised that these feelings were natural. Being an entrepreneur is so very personal – I think it should be – so it’s natural to take things personally.

Luckily I could talk through all of these feelings with Rebecca & of course she had fears & doubts of her own, like giving up a good job and steady salary for the unknown! But I eventually realised that together we can achieve much more with the business and create an amazing quality of life for both of us.


Based on our experience, if we were to give some advice about finding a business partner it would be:

Be Honest From The Get Go!

Many women like me suffer from serious people pleasing problems – we like to cover over the bad bits to make ourselves & our business seem as attractive as possible.

Make Sure You Are 100% Satisfied With The Deal

If you aren’t it will come back to haunt you later on down the track when you’re making millions.

 Be Prepared That You Won’t Always Agree

Rebecca & I have made a back-up plan for when we don’t agree. If we find an issue we can’t resolve between us, we present our case to an elected mentor who will help broker a solution.

Don’t Be Clones of each other

In a partnership your differences are your strength. Rebecca and I have complimenting skills and experiences. We use this to our advantage, structuring our tasks and roles to match what we are good at.


We are starting our partnership with the opening of our showroom/boutique in Nansensgade 38 in Copenhagen. We’re open now so please pop in for a visit! Plus if you mention We Unite we’ll give you a 15% discount!

*photos by Leslie MK

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One Response to “Let go of your worries and find a business partner”

  • Mika

    Such a lovely showroom with a great atmosphere. The best of luck to the two brave entrepreneurs!

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