24. 05. 2012

We don’t need no education!

Should you quit studying and jump into the entrepreneurship arena?

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26. 04. 2012

The art of making a realistic budget

Here's some handy things to keep in mind next time you sit down with a balance sheet

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11. 04. 2012

The license to kill

This is not about Ian Fleming's Secret Service agent, Mr. Bond, nor the song by Gladys Knight… This is about feeling empowered!

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09. 04. 2012

Vizualize yourself!

When it comes to putting together my CV I have been so frustrated, because mine looks sooooo boring. I must admit that I lack some serious digital skills. Boohoo...

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28. 03. 2012
10 rules for brilliant women

10 rules for brilliant women

Principles for owning your brilliance as women. Ready for it?

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28. 03. 2012
alexandra bode

Let’s not talk about work, let’s talk about you

Does focusing too much on your work skills makes you constantly ponder what you could be better at?

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24. 03. 2012
must should conflict

French hip hop, spring cleaning and a new mindset

How do you motivate yourself with those I-should-sorta-do-that assignments?

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16. 03. 2012
female entrepreneur girls

Be curious, get noticed and have fun!

Meet Camilla, our newest blogger! Based in London, Camilla writes about entrepreneurship and business for various magazines. Keep an eye out for her stories about entrepreneurial ongoings and London life.    I don’t...

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13. 03. 2012

Hey facebook friend, let’s meet in real life

Sometimes people turn out to be surprisingly different than what you remember, in a good way.

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08. 03. 2012

We still need an International Women’s Day!

ArtRebels intern, Esben Bøg Jensen, with a reminder how equality has still not come for many women internationally.

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05. 03. 2012
Three steps to get noticed

19-years-old and always been self-employed. How?

Our theme-o-the-month is get noticed! and Martine has some great advice

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30. 01. 2012

‘What’s an Entrepreneur?’ – The best answer ever!

I've said it before and I'd love to repeat myself: "The pleasure of social media is its ability to spread stuff". Today a Facebook friend of mine posted this article. I got quite curious just by reading the headline. We all know what entrepreneurship is - but what defines a true entrepreneur?

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